Monday, January 18, 2016

Pre-Order Orgone's "Beyond The Sun" 2LP

Orgone's "Beyond The Sun" LP is now available on vinyl! The album was released earlier in 2015 on CD and digitally but this is the first time any of the material has been available on vinyl. The deluxe version includes random colored vinyl (2LP) and a "Beyond The Sun" slipmat. And each individual record is different. We've opened about 10 copies so far and included a few in the photo above, but we have no idea all the variations that this press includes. Some of the records are simply stunning. Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland did a fantastic job with this. The jackets are heavy-duty tip-on gatefold jackets and feel like a book! 

This first press will be random colored with all subsequent presses being black. However, we did a small run of black with this run if you prefer black vinyl.  So, use the link below to get all the details and know that all pre-orders include a free exclusive mp3 download. 

Orgone - Beyond The Sun PRE-ORDER

Pre-orders ship on February 1st

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